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 Post subject: FarCry3 Q and A
Unread postPosted: May 13th, 2012, 11:01 am 
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Just a few facts about farcry3 multiplayer.

1.(Q) - Quick question about Achievement / Trophy points. Will there be any for multiplayer? Far Cry 2's "Warlord" and "Soldier of Misfortune" are rediculously hard to obtain (without boosting) -- just hoping careful planning goes into making fun (yet challenging) achievements.

(A) "- The Achievements / Trophies are still being discussed."

2.(Q) - I have one problem, there seems to be the potential for Firestorm matches to go on forever. Im sure it wouldn't happen too often, but if the water gets called in three or four times in a row, it could cause a match to last way too long. People will eventually quit. Is there a potential that if the host quits, everyone could lose the progress they earned during the match? Have there been any measures taken to ensure this doesn't happen? Is there any way the match could end in a draw? Maybe if the water gets called in once by each team they go down to one node a piece?

(A) "- The Firestorm matches have a time limit and could end in a draw if no team manages to end the match. If the timer ends in certain states the match can also go into a Sudden Death state."

3.(Q) - Can pick up weapons of dead players recently been killed, is this true and if so - the weapon you pick up if this is one you previously did not have do you get to keep it for good?

(A) "- No, if you pick up a weapon you haven’t unlocked you will only keep it until you die."

4.(Q) - For FC3 will we be able to see how many times our maps have been rated?

(A) "- Yes, you can see how many players have Liked and added your map as a Favorite. See below for more information on how the rating is calculated."

5.(Q) - Will there be a built in record feature so you can easily show off your maps? maybe via Far Cry website. (like driver SF has)?

(A) "- Users can take a screenshot in the editor which will be available on the website as well so you can show it off on the forums."

6.(Q) - How will the rating be? (Star ratings, Like/Dislike ratio or something different)?

(A) "- The rating is calculated out of several different factors, as a user you will have the option to Like the map and mark the map as a Favorite after you played it or initiate a vote to skip it during the match. These factors, plus others e.g. number of times played, calculate the rating. We will continue to work and polish on these algorithms to get the rating perfect!"

7.(Q) - Will you be able to costumize how your character looks like?

(A) "- Yes, you will be able to create your own tattoos and add/remove them from your arms using our tattoo editor."

8.(Q) - Will we be able to customize our characters outfits?

(A) "- No, you can however customize your weapons, weapon attachments, skills, battle cries and support weapons."

9.(Q) - Will we be able to create and save our own map playlists? Are there any limits to the number of maps we can host (in FC2 it as 15)? Is it possible in FC3 to migrate the host mid-game if connection is lost?

(A) "- No, custom map playlists can’t be saved between play sessions and yes, we have in-game host migration!"

10.(Q) - What are you doing to stop people from "Boosting" their maps to Gold status? For example, some people i joined in far cry 2 wanted me to deliberately give their rather shoddy map a 5 star rating and then ask me to leave so more people could join.

(A) "- Maps in the Gold Tier are monitored by us and we are working on different ways to prevent boosting."

11.(Q) - About the Battle-Cry, it has possibilities IF you can keep your team together. But that's not the nature of the beast for consoles, just too many randoms. Are you concerned that this team perk will become a frustrating barrage of airstrikes by organized teams? Also, is there any way players could abuse Battle-Cry by boosting?

(A)" - Organized teams will always have the upper hand in matches, just like in almost any competitive games out there. The Battle Cry is not going to be THE ONLY THING THAT causes the more organized team to win though, it will just be one of the factors. The team working together and communicating most effectively will probably come out on top in a match, because of pure team-work. The Battle Cry system is not really exploitable in that way. You can’t spam it and you definitely won’t benefit from hiding in the outskirts of the map shouting away while the enemy team controls the map. That will cause you to lose the match quickly.

The Battle Shout should be used as soon as it is off cool down and preferably while you are close to your whole team. IF your team is running together in an organized pack, using the Battle Cries and covering each other’s backs and playing as a unit you’ll have the upper hand for sure. Then again, running in a group might cause you to lose undefended nodes and get your whole team wiped out from a well placed support weapon, so it’s a trade-off."

12.(Q) - Will there be prone?

(A) "- No, there’s no prone."

13.(Q) - My understanding is that the game ships with 4 modes and 10 maps. 4 modes isn't enough, so do you plan to add more game modes at a later date?

(A) "- It is a tad bit early to discuss stuff like DLC and whatnot."

14.(Q) - Will there be a custom game lobby?

(A) "- Yes."

15.(Q) - Will we have options to turn off perks, killstreaks, weapons, etc?

(A) "- When creating custom games players will be able to set different rules and settings. Details on which settings are changeable are still being worked on."

16.(Q) - The Tattoo Editor - Can we only tattoo the arms or can we go crazy and do something from the movie The Hangover (like Mike Tyson) can we also tattoo the face? For anyone that has not yet read there will be a tattoo editor in the game which has small designs that can be joined up to create your own mauri styled designs for your character.

(A) "- The tattoo editor will allow you to create and add/remove tattoos from your characters arms."

17.(Q) - Any other form of player customization? (I notice in some pictures that players have satchels / ammo belts accross their chest and backpacks).

(A) "- You will be able to customize your weapons, weapon attachments, skills, battle cries, support weapons and tattoos."

18.(Q) - Is there voice chat in MP?

(A) "- Yes."

19.(Q) - Are team support points shared among the team or individually earned?

(A) "- Team support points are individually earned and spent by you and you alone."

20.(Q) - During a match in FC2 if votes were turned on we often had players voting to extend the match time / ban players from the match / restart the match – At times it got very annoying especially when someone would cast a vote and then leave the match, have you implemented any changes into Far Cry 3 to make this a better experience and does the host have more control?

(A) “- When jumping into Multiplayer the default option will be official “playlists”. This is the place to be if you don’t want people to mess with your game as described above.”

21.(Q) - Can weapons run out of ammo and if they do what is the process?

(A) “- Sure they can. If you run out of ammo you will have to acquire more by walking over killed enemies. You can always pick up weapons from dead enemies and use them instead when ammo gets low.”

22.(Q) - Are there any options to manually change the length of the match and to also alter the spawn time in matches?

(A) “- When running a private game the host will have different options available when setting up a game, these are however not set in stone quite yet. Most players will join an official “playlist”, and those run with default options.”

23.(Q) - Do you in some areas of multiplayer try to do things which would fit in with sections from the single player story?

(A) “- We do try to fit in with the single player campaign; it is after all the same game and universe that the multiplayer action takes place in. We want everything to have that FarCry:ish feel to it, be it dropped psych gas that alters your mind or full sleeve tattoos on gun wielding pirates! As an example of this, when you’re playing multiplayer, you are actually playing as one of two factions; Vaas pirates or Citra’s rebels.”

24.(Q) - Preordering at GameStop gives the Monkey Business Pack; part of the package says 2 Bonus Ways to humiliate your friends – are we talking Takedown Moves here?

(A) “- We’re talking about the interactive cinematic after each round, where the best player of the winning team gets to choose between punishing or honoring the best player on the losing team.”

25.(Q) - Can we use both grenades and Molotov in multiplayer or do we only get to use one or the other depending on which class / load out we select?

(A) “- What gadgets and weapons you carry into battle are solely based on what type of loadout you choose to equip. You can either use the pre-existing ones or make your own!”

26.(Q) - In multiplayer how does it work with collecting and upgrading weapons, can we collect everything available or are there sacrifices where you can only use a set number and might have to drop one choice to select or use another?

(A) “- You can collect everything.”

27.(Q) - Can you confirm if the knife can be used while in water?

(A) “- There is no underwater fighting in Multiplayer.”

28.(Q) - Will players have a tighter turning radius while sprinting, than we have in FC2?

(A) “- Yes.”

29.(Q) - Will players have the ability to drag injured teammates to cover?

(A) “- No, if you wish to save a team-mate clinging on to life, reviving him is the way to go. Also, when you are revived your Battle Cry is reset, so the revived player can instantly do a Battle Cry as a way of saying “thank you” when he’s back on his feet.”

30.(Q) - Will players have the ability to opt out or use weapons while reviving teammate?

(A) “- The reviving process is pretty quick, but you are vulnerable while helping your team mate up so it’s best to secure the area first.”

31.(Q) - Will players be able to use weapons or melee on ladders?

(A) “- You can use your sidearm on ziplines. On ladders both hands are busy!”

32.(Q) - Will players have the option to drop or slide off a ladder?

(A) “- Yes.”

33.(Q) - Will ladders no longer require a ****on prompt?

(A) “- Most likely… “

34.(Q) - Will we have the ability to preview camera views? We couldn't in FC2.

(A) “- We don’t have spectator cameras like in FC2. In the beginning of the game we have a camera “fly-over.”


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